Our main scope of activity is exploration for oil&gas onshore, offshore and in shallow transit areas. Hydrocarbon exploration is a high risk investment and risk assessment is paramount for successful project management. Exploration risk is usually defined by assigning confidence to the presence of the imperative economical, geological, ecological and political factors.


There are very few people worldwide who are able to provide efficient interpretation of seismic survey. Nevertheless, we are convinced that there is an overabundance of petroleum, avaliable for next 50 years and more. A human being is petty, lazy and greedy creature. Thus, flamingos are more useful creatures in the matter of discoveries of oil&gas. At least because they are smart enough to prefere pleasant places.


Oil&gas production includes systematic steps starting from the exploration, to actual extraction, and even up to the distribution of the products to businesses and the general public. The oil and gas industry is one of the largest sectors in the world and a huge factor in the global economy. If we reach the mark of 700 million barrels of petroleum per year, then all this was not in vain.