How does Flamingo trade natural gas ?



Despite the fact that our main scope of activity is the search for new oil&gas fields, we are also a natural gas trader.


Natural gas is the subject of numerous political speculations. Therefore, it is necessary to describe our philosophy.

Humanity yet will not soon switch to the principle consumption of natural gas. Not in 20 or even in 30 years. All this time, petroleum will remain a priority consumption product.

The reserves of natural gas are practically inexhaustible. However, natural gas requires very high costs for production, preparation, storage and transportation. Not to mention the depreciation, which is faster for natural gas equipment for the reason that natural gas does not have a lubricating effect.


Сompetition between gas and liquid fuels can be observed in dual-fuel electric generators and automobiles equipped with addititional propane fuel tanks. It is believed that propane equipment is economical on long run. If the gas filling stations are like clockwork and there are a lot of them, everything is fine. But in practice there are few of them, with staff which doesn't allow to save. After all, what prevented the automakers from making cars from the conveyor powered by gas or by dual fuel ?


This is a remark about gas fuel in general, since the gas equipment can run on both propane and natural gas. Now about natural gas. Сontracts for the supply of natural gas through pipelines are concluded on a "take-or-pay" basis. What is this ? Firstly, your gas seller plays liberal. You take the gas, and according to equitiy schemes don't pay for it. But after a while everything becomes very strict and rigid (when the "republic marches" and when the members of a "dwarf club" put on camouflage) and the buyer just pays for the very fact that doesn't take. As a total result we see now all such humiliated customers in front of the amused dwarfs like noble snow-whites surrounded by little and ugly personages they found out for themselves on the other side of their "pipe of friendship". 


At the  same time, it should be understood that basic conversion on gas fuel not only is worth the money on its own, but it took away the most valuable thing from the consumers - their time.  First it's time for installing natural gas equipment. Second is the time to search for suppliers of natural gas from a limited list. And third is considering caprices.


We conducted a study interviewing taxi and heavy truck drivers in European countries. Their general opinion against the use of gas fuel, although it would seem economical. The same is actual even with fueling sea vessels. By and large, modern gas technologies are too raw, the eqipment is too inferior by properties to the afordable petroleum-based equipment. And the heads are not filled with making money, but with the search for happiness from the fact of economy.


There are conservative countries that are convinced that natural gas is a "much ado about nothing". It is not easy to recruit them to switch on natural gas by ordering advertising propaganda on local press and television. However, there are countries where there is a tremulous love for gas. In the 1970s, expenditures were carried out in the USSR in order to shift the focus of production from petroleum to natural gas. Next, a donation system was developed to hook on Ukraine, Eastern Block as well as some countries in Western Europe, starting from GDR. After Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and France joined this strange fashion for, as it seemed, "fuel of the future". They started converting their power plants to natural gas. However, they did not take into account the factor of instability on the part of those who was supposed to deliver gas fuel. The low management culture. Lack of flexibility in business doers after experience in public para-military structures. 


Thus, we prefer gas injection so as not to stretch the pipe for hundreds of kilometers.



* * *



We are convinced that natural gas should be avaliable in Western and Eastern Europe and in no case be the subject of extravagance on the part of the suppliers.


We are convinced that natural gas from pipeline has in many times less value than regasified Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) due to the buyer's time spent on the logistics when accounting and distributing such incoming gas.


We are convinced that regasified LNG to be considered as a surrogate substitute not for petroleum products but for Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG), and costs less than the latter.


We are convinced that the buyer of natural gas has all rights to determine the figure in Euro.


Therefore, Flamingo trade natural gas for cheap.